Get started on this comprehensive and easy-to-learn trading program that simplifies all the hard nuts of day-trading for Beginners!

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The Beginner Course is designed to teach you the basics of Futures trading, the Fundamentals of trading, Technology & Psychology. In order to be successful you need to learn the fundamentals of the business of day trading the futures markets. How to get started – computer requirements and setup, professional trading software installation and configuration. What it takes to develop trader skills and how to avoid pitfalls.

Common question answered for you:

"Learning how to trade is always hard on starters"....this not entirely true, not when you have the roadmap and the right hand to hold.

Here is where you get ALL the steps simplified for your understanding even if you are a complete Novice. Just be smart enough to take it without hesitation!


This is what you will find in the Beginner course package

The foundation of a thing matters and that is exactly why here is the first place to start learning how to trade like a PRO.

With our Beginner course, we'll kick-start you on the basics, fundamentals and psychology of trading. You will be equipped with first hand knowledge about ALL you need to startup on your journey of day trading.

Because we know how much foundation matters, we have plans helping you get the best foothold in day-trading.

Here's what you'll Learn in this course

 ✔️Workspace Management
 ✔️Risk Reward
 ✔️Traders Mindset
 ✔️Small Account management
 ✔️Making Money in Up&Down Markets
 ✔️Scalping for Quick Profits
 ✔️Get rich quick scheme?
 ✔️Knowing when not to trade
 ✔️Multiple Streams of Income
 ✔️Why 95% of Traders Fail


You don't even have to sweat learning how to navigate trading platform features and understanding what it takes to be a Pro Trader...this is your start up.

Fast Track your trading experience by learning it in the simplest way ever.

Do you think you have what it takes to start up straight on the other training levels? More is in store for you.


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The Future for YOU is Bright just don't be too scared to start out!