Get started on this Educational and professional trading course that teaches the norms, rules and tricks of effective and profitable day trading!

 You don't even need to "test the water" we already did...we only want you to LEARN and REPLICATE our proven trading techniques and build a fortune on day trading.


The advanced course is designed to teach you our trading strategies and tools. This includes instruction on how to install, configure, automate the tools as necessary to meet your trading style and objectives.

We have carefully designed and packaged this course to help you master our trading strategies and utilize our professional tools, know the axis of day trading like 'the back of your palm'

Having concluded the INTERMEDIATE phase of Vanguard Wealth Builder training, you will be exposed more to our proven strategy that has worked for years now.

This session will:

  • grant you access to our proprietary tools and advanced trading resources.
  • teach you how to install, configure, customize, and automate our professional to meet your trading style and objectives.
  • Learn how to effectively place profitable market orders and avoid common trading mistakes that most traders are exposed to.
  • grant you a first hand knowledge about our proven strategy. For instance our powerful ATM Strategy.
  • learn skills of trading with high winning probability by testing and backtesting the market.


Here's what you'll Learn in this course

 ✔️All of Beginner and Intermediate courses

✔️ATM Strategy
 ✔️Market Replay - Back Testing
 ✔️Order Types & Chart Trader
 ✔️What it takes to be a Big Baller!


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The Future for YOU is Bright just don't be too scared to start out!


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