The Road to wealth building has become easier with day trading and achievable when you learn from us.


At Vanguard Wealth Builder, we help you build a recurring and consistent trading profit with great ease.

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Are you a beginner looking to learn what it takes to make a gold mine out of Stock Market trading? This is where you should pitch your net?

We have simplified the steps for you and in the cause of this journey to successful trading, you will learn:

How to earn money by day trading

How to create strategies with higher winning chances.

Trading strategies and techniques to building wealth.

How to use our guaranteed tools to automate your trading.

Get our Top 10 tips for to making How to become a successful Trader.


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Our Courses

Vanguard Beginner

The Beginner Course is designed to teach you the basics of Futures trading, the Fundamentals of trading, Technology & Psychology.


Vanguard Intermediate

The Intermediate Course is designed to teach you the correct technique of using technical analysis to find reliable trading opportunities.


Vanguard Advanced

The advanced course is designed to teach you our trading strategies and tools.


Vanguard Professional

The expert course is designed to teach you how to use multiple strategies with our tools on multiple charts.


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